Part 3

Reflective Journal


I have thought about three different theme for my final project. For the first theme, I chose this topic as a theme because I think the process of using this machine and the result of mixing something is interesting, when the items are mixed together, they will create a rough in visual texture and it looks like combining different color together. The mixture has included rough texture on visual but smooth on hands, creating the visual illusion which makes me want to apply this element on face. I think it can also helps me to develop more, for example, visual, the process of mixing, the meaning. I think the electric blender makes me think of the theory of mixing anything, we can think of mixing physical things or mental things.




After I have tutorial with tutor, I have decided to use the third theme as my project topic. According to the history of the chinese opium war, It has a strong connection on BRITISH and CHINA. Another reason is I am keen on the pattern on the pipes and what to turned it into tattoo, apply on hair and make up. For the big concept, I want to talk about addiction. Normally, we know the harmful effects of drugs or attractive things, but we still want to have a touch with these things and never think about escapes or stay away of these things. I think I can do some research about addiction or psychological research. For personal context, I was wondering to start with the chinese opium culture, and find out the appearance, impacts, mental aspect to develop the ideas,WHO/HOW WE DO THNGS THAT ARE BAD FOR US?  By combining the concept of immorality and addiction, the cost of habit. I also want to focus on drugs, and it can bring positive and negative impact. And I also want to find out what would happen if we take drugs. As I know, it would brings illusion and create the moment that we feel satisfied but it is just a fantasy moment which is not existed. 


I also want to find some symbolization of addiction, gangsters, smokers, so I add some tattoo element on my idea and develop it. I found soem smokey cloud-like pattern and tried to develop it or re-sketch it. the reason why I want to use tattoo because it is a kind of way to present or express my idea. I can draw or print on the face and turns it into another style of make up. I was thinking if the tattoo applied on the hands rather than the face, how is the effect? As I want to use hands to act the story of something is spreading out and erode ourselves. 

hats workshop

Hat workshop is very different to my usual process of reflection as it used different aspect to think about the ideas, such as positive , negative way and start with the emotion to do this chart.I think the hat workshop has help me to highlight th eproblem that I faced in my project. I tried to overcome with it and deeply focus on the problem. Why will it existed? What will happen if I used other method?. In this workshop, I can express my thoughts toward the project without thinking about whether it would be effective or not. I wrote  about my ideas and also it comes with different matters, such as time management and idea thinking ,development. most of my ideas were be successfully achieved if I can manage my time in a right, correct way.



  • Monday: buy materials (tabacco, henna)+ resolve
  • Tuesday: hair testing+ testing shhot
  • Wednesday: last check with final photo shoots (communicate with model, makeup testing, hair testing)
  • Thursday: final photo shoots day
  • Friday: get the images and begin to USE PhotoShop to edit 
  • Weekend: workflow, sketchbook pages X3


Final Evaluation

For this project, the brief can helps me to clear my mind of the concept and record the processes step by step. I can follow the plan and review what I have done. It is kind of self-reminder as it reminds me of what I did and what I missed. I did some fashion collage images as first doing action and found out the style what I aim. I also do some research about the opium wars and how the smoke creates. And I found I want the creepy, monochrome and showing the dark side of addiction reflected in my final.


During the project, the process of developing experiment is successful as I can found different types of makeup and I also noticed that the process of developing the makeup is getting better and creative. For me, I think it is as normal as the daily makeup, I put the eyeshadow and eyeliner as usual. After tutors gave me some pieces of advice and I tried to look up makeup artists and it helps widen my knowledge to my pathway.I have learned a lot from the project, such as time management, idea development. I think it gives a chance to practice more on the idea of developing and managing the time.


First, I resolved the cigarette and I look at the details and develop hair part, tried to find some similar texture paper to make a headset. I also tried to put the cigarette on eyes and lips to emphasis this two-part to represent the smokers do smoking. I used makeup to depict the smoke pattern and colors to symbolize burning the cigarette (fire) and use part of the cigarette to stick on the lips to seem like smoking with the eyeliner tattoo. The pose of the model looks like she is lost in smoking. I have put the damaged metal piece and it represents the habit gradually become a part of smokers live and damage the health.


Peter Philips works inspired me to look beyond traditional makeup and led to my most important breakthrough, which was to use a cigarette as the main material on face.  As I have stepped out to my comfort zone and tried some new techniques. Most of the time, I put my focus on the health or skin problem rather than my work looks creative or innovative. I think presenting my concept visually to the public was challenging, such as smokers and the anti-smokers. As I think I have used 2D and 3D elements might be too much on the face, too busy in visual and I also think about it is not narrative. In order to solve this problem, I have tried to use another makeup expression, such as eyeliner tattoo and props, It would improve my final and looks successful and narrative.


I feel satisfied after explored the workshop and different exhibitions. The most excited me is galleries (The Photographer Gallery) and museums(British Museum) in London, which can help to learn different culture and convenience of researching. Also, this is the first project that I work about Hair and makeup as I did most of the projects mainly about fashion styling previously. I think this project can help me to understand how to order my sketchbook and the assessment criteria in the university life. It is an opportunity to enhance my sketchbook and organize myself.


For the second theme, I want to talk about pairs, it leads me to think of the  symbol- Tai chi (black and white chart). Tai chi is a kind of symbols which means balance, pair and I also think about twins, and they are either of two children born to the same mother on the same occasion and it also means one of two very similar things. Twins make me think of the mirror reflection and they can do the same things in the same moment. Some of them have empathy. So I would like do some research on this as this is a kind of phenomenon that either of two children can communicate without talk any words. 


As we can go to library and some exhibition to do some research today. First I wanted to do some research from the internet, I have found some photographer as I think It is a bit related to my pathway. As I found that most of the resource book cannot be found in Kings Cross Library so I would like to go to LCF Library tomorrow, Maybe find some make-up artists or hair dressers. I also want to find some artists which is not related to my pathway (fine art, graphic, etc.) 

Another thing is that I saw some of historical images of people took the opium, they looked so misty and loss, which makes me imagined their thinking during taking the opium, as I think it is a bit like escape reality and be satisfied by the illusion of what the opium given to them. According to the historical research, the use of Opium is for medicinal purposes during the 7th century. I would comprehend that opium can be like double-edge blade, it brings harms and it brings benefits depends on the situation.



Today , we have a contextual practice which is help us to know more about our concept of our project. We started with different bubble of questions and the think about the the answer of the question. I think it is helpful for us to clear our mind and focus on the concept which we aim for. I look to the questions and wrote about the project description. I think it just like a mind map and help us to help think widely and try to use different angle to think about the ideas and linked with our pathway. So this is another method for us other than using the mind map, which gave us an other chance to finish other project and idea thinking by using different method.


I started to finish my poster and plan how to poster look like. First I want to use a clean, creepy and create a darkness of things in my poster as I want to focus more on the addiction problem. What I think, addiction is something bad to ourselves (physically and mentally). However, the first inspiration, smoking(of cigarette or opium) is a kind of double-edge sword, it gives the mentally support to smokers to make them feel relaxed or calm down themselves. I tried to overlap two research references to create the story of addiction of smoking brings negative impacts, such as death and loneliness. So I found that the background reference looks like the nerves so it can represent to the mental health of addicting something.


So I have done some testing shoot with my friend. I have picked the elements from the process of resolving the cigarette. The thin paper is soft and semi-transparent and I thought what if I use these paper to do the headset. However I found that it is hard to use these tiny paper to build a headset It may needs around 30-50 tiny paper to make a headset. So I have found some tissues paper, baking paper and paper for packing shoes. I noticed that the paper for packing shoes and the baking paper is thin enough and semi transparent. So I would like to crush it and make some crushed marks on the paper. When light was reflected through the paper, the texture would be shown. For the second thing to do, I would like tears the paper and put it on head and think about the composition of where to place. If it is too much paper on head and the size is too big, it would look so messy and affect the visual of the headset. Also, it would affect the proportion between the headset and the head.

Material workshop





 the self -assessment can manage ourselves and figure out whether we have meet the criteria and understand our abilities. Through this workshop, I found that I have a lot of things to do, such as a range of research and demonstrate the testing and the process . For example, I should catch up with time plan and the action plan, it is very necessary for me to set a plan for different weeks.  I should do more relevant research in deeply and widely way about my project, I always search very surface things which doesn't help a lot in our project and I want to focus more on the processes and the idea developing.


Today we do the photo shoot with Alix and we need to prepare for it. First, I have settle all the things down for my shoot. While I was setting up the things, I still have some new ideas and questions on my mind, such as Is it too direct to present my project? Too simple or normal? Ain’t creative enough? Can I do the shoot without smoke, will it be clear? So I decided to do a portrait with the black background to emphasis the white headset. When I have reviewed my photos really satisfied but I still think about the element of smoke. So I think it is really strange and not strong enough and looks so normal. Then I decided to use smoke and take the shoot outside of the school. What I think I cannot only use cigarette or vape, I can use the smoke bomb as it can create lost and faded mood, which symbolize the smoke can be the way to give opportunities to ourselves a break.


Action Plan:

  • Sketchbook: Things that prepare for the shoot such as headset, hairstyling, the makeup sample.
  • Find some images or style to be the reference foe editing which helps my final outcome (as I would use photoshop to edit it )
  • Continuous developing the experiment


Today, I have a tutorial with Emma and talk about the poster template that we are going to handle it on Friday. I have make the first version and Emma told me that it is beautiful images and can't show the story of my project. Combining to the opinion of Emma, I have made 4 more different drafts of the poster and talk with Emma again and we reorganize the images and tried to figure out which would be better or improve the quality of the draft poster. So I put more close up and the smoke element into the poster as Emma said I ignored the key concepts of my project as my poster talks about smoking but she can't find any images which were focused on the smoke.


Text Analysis workshop

The concept of opium addiction, however, is a relatively modern one. In England during the first half of the nineteenth century opium dependence was popularly known as a 'habit' rather than 'addiction'.  by Geoffrey Harding Constructing addiction as a moral failing

My text is about the chinese opium war, it told about the background and the negative impacts of the addiction in drugs and opium.  People doesn't think themselves are  addicted in drugs or opium, they would rather this is the habit instead. Therefore, I think about the linkage between the addiction and the habit. Why they would say taking opium is a habit? I think it is helpful to my work and project as I can focus on the detail and the history of the Chinese opium and I think about the negative toward the society at that period of time.


For the third theme, which is the one that I would like to explore as my final project topic. I was interested on the chinese opium pipes, I was wondering the shape and the pattern of the chinese opium pipes,as I think I can collect the details of the pipes and think about the tattoo on face or hair, for example making some plots on hair or doing some tattoo on body or face. Besides, people know drugs or opium is illegal things can leads to addition. However, they know the impacts or it but they still take this. Therefore, I would like to focus on addition as they know that is poison bad for health but they still want it and never want to escape. This also makes me think of sweet poison, even we know it is bad and harmful but we never think about escape or stay away from this kind of things. I think I would also like to find out more about immoral things, just like violence, Depriving, treating. So I would like combine the concept of immoral and addition.


Today, I went to LCF library and find some research and look up the resources, such as magazines. I want to focus on the techniques of hairstyle and find more make up artists. I want to figure out some kind of hairstyle.  I looked up the fashion magazines and the hairstyling books. I was thinking to use the braid hair style to be the hair part as I think it represent phenomenon of the spreading smoke when the hair wrap together. However, I have think about what if I twist the hair into cigarette-shape(long, straight rectangle) it would be more meaningful and make sense. I also think about what if I made a 3D hairdressing to create the shape of the smoke flow. Maybe I can also think about weave a net by hair to represent trapped by habits or part of the body.



I have a progressive tutorial and the tutor has gave me some pieces of advice and we talk about the concept and the idea of my project. I mentioned wherethe tattoo, smoking idea and the final concept from. For tattoo,I want to use henna to replace the tattoo. As I think the tattoo idea might be to directly and I can't do the tattoo in profession way as I'm not a tattoo advise. So I think about using different media, such as eyeliner and henna. I finally chosen the henna in my project because I found that the characteristic of henna is something similar to my opium idea. I want to focus on the damage that the tattoo and similar items that can leads to harm toward body. I also want to focus on the styling way of my works. After we have finished our tutorial, the tutor told me to do more developments and experiments and let him check tomorrow. He also gave me some of the artists for my to do the references, such as Bjork, Nataila sharp and focus on the literal aspect of smoker/ opium. Tried to do more makeup tests and think about the hair tests.


We got a 1 day workshop to complete an outcome. It is aim for speed rather than perfection. So I went to the metal workshop and tried to make some props for make up. As my concept is inspired by opium pipes so I have figured out the pattern and the tattoo to do the metal pieces and apply as an eye piece prop.

 I have used aluminum and steel to finish my outcome. First, I used the machine to create the smokey cloud- like pattern on steel and aluminum. First, I found that the pattern on steel is hard to create as the density of steel is too high and hard. So the technician suggested me to use aluminum to do it because it is more softer and easy to create the marks and texture.

So I have put some hole on the aluminum piece to symbolize erode our body. I think it is a good idea as it can use semi- direct way to tell a story.


How did you feel at first about making a poster to present your project?

I feel quite fresh and new to make a poster to present my project as I have never done this before so everything is new for me. The hardest aspect of summarizing my project on A3 is the composition (allocated the references and my works) and summarize my concept by a few words as my vocabulary isn't much and I tried my best to use few words to explain a big concept. I think it small project can helps me to develop my concept and the source that I have used. I also think that it can directly to show the concept of what I did.  I think this project can helps the public audience to understand through a few words and images rather that reading a large amount of words. I think it is a wonderful experience on using these technical softwares (photoshop and indesign) as thee software is common software to help working on design or related works. While I have more opportunities to use on these software, it can helps with my presentation skills in my future creative practice as I think practice makes perfect.


Today, I tried to develop more hair style with my model and  I have used different black, red ,blue rubber band to tie her hair as the colours symbolize to the dark side of drug(damage), fire and urge, insane and stress. I tried use hair spray to fix the hair and weave it as a hair buns or side braid as I want to use hair to tell my concept, which is about habit and addiction would trapped yourself.


Today, I got the images that took in last Thursday, I found that most of them are good in visual and clean. However, I would focus more on the details/close up of the makeup,such as the eyes and the mouth as I found that when people smoking, their eyes look lost and out focused. For the mouth, it symbolizes people spoil out the smoke form mouth. For me , the mouth and smoke leads me to think about the smokers are trying to self-communicate. So I would like to focus on the details of the eyes and the mouth.


Today we have a tutorial and study support with John and Georgia to talk about the 60 words of the poster and the poster draft. I think I have provide 3 version to John and he helps me to update the clear and accurate version to put it on the poster and I think I have improve better and better while I have the new version. I started to do the poster draft and I used the photoshop to edit the images that I want and I crop the close up and put it into the poster.


Today ,we finished our poster and final evaluation, then we signed off what we done.For I would do for the weekend, I want to continuous my sketchbook and reread it to check that any missing pages or unclear pages,such as the artist research, the process of the makeup developing as I think my sketchbook is too messy for reading and it doesn't run smoothly. Also, I want to put the draft of my poster and record the processes. Then, I would like to retype my bibliography and workflow (reflection and the research) as I am a bit worried if I don't pass the course. I would also wan to print the final images-portraits.