Collection: Part 3

Reflective Journal


I have thought about three different theme for my final project. For the first theme, I chose this topic as a theme because I think the process of using this machine and the result of mixing something is interesting, when the items are mixed together, they will create a rough in visual texture and it looks like combining different color together. The mixture has included rough texture on visual but smooth on hands, creating the visual illusion which makes me want to apply this element on face. I think it can also helps me to develop more, for example, visual, the process of mixing, the meaning. I think the electric blender makes me think of the theory of mixing anything, we can think of mixing physical things or mental things.




After I have tutorial with tutor, I have decided to use the third theme as my project topic. According to the history of the chinese opium war, It has a strong connection on BRITISH and CHINA. Another reason is I am keen on the pattern on the pipes and what to turned it into tattoo, apply on hair and make up. For the big concept, I want to talk about addiction. Normally, we know the harmful effects of drugs or attractive things, but we still want to have a touch with these things and never think about escapes or stay away of these things. I think I can do some research about addiction or psychological research. For personal context, I was wondering to start with the chinese opium culture, and find out the appearance, impacts, mental aspect to develop the ideas,WHO/HOW WE DO THNGS THAT ARE BAD FOR US?  By combining the concept of immorality and addiction, the cost of habit. I also want to focus on drugs, and it can bring positive and negative impact. And I also want to find out what would happen if we take drugs. As I know, it would brings illusion and create the moment that we feel satisfied but it is just a fantasy moment which is not existed. 





I also want to find some symbolization of addiction, gangsters, smokers, so I add some tattoo element on my idea and develop it. I found soem smokey cloud-like pattern and tried to develop it or re-sketch it. the reason why I want to use tattoo because it is a kind of way to present or express my idea. I can draw or print on the face and turns it into another style of make up. I was thinking if the tattoo applied on the hands rather than the face, how is the effect? As I want to use hands to act the story of something is spreading out and erode ourselves. 




For the second theme, I want to talk about pairs, it leads me to think of the  symbol- Tai chi (black and white chart). Tai chi is a kind of symbols which means balance, pair and I also think about twins, and they are either of two children born to the same mother on the same occasion and it also means one of two very similar things. Twins make me think of the mirror reflection and they can do the same things in the same moment. Some of them have empathy. So I would like do some research on this as this is a kind of phenomenon that either of two children can communicate without talk any words. 


As we can go to library and some exhibition to do some research today. First I wanted to do some research from the internet, I have found some photographer as I think It is a bit related to my pathway. As I found that most of the resource book cannot be found in Kings Cross Library so I would like to go to LCF Library tomorrow, Maybe find some make-up artists or hair dressers. I also want to find some artists which is not related to my pathway (fine art, graphic, etc.) 

Another thing is that I saw some of historical images of people took the opium, they looked so misty and loss, which makes me imagined their thinking during taking the opium, as I think it is a bit like escape reality and be satisfied by the illusion of what the opium given to them. According to the historical research, the use of Opium is for medicinal purposes during the 7th century. I would comprehend that opium can be like double-edge blade, it brings harms and it brings benefits depends on the situation.








For the third theme, which is the one that I would like to explore as my final project topic. I was interested on the chinese opium pipes, I was wondering the shape and the pattern of the chinese opium pipes,as I think I can collect the details of the pipes and think about the tattoo on face or hair, for example making some plots on hair or doing some tattoo on body or face. Besides, people know drugs or opium is illegal things can leads to addition. However, they know the impacts or it but they still take this. Therefore, I would like to focus on addition as they know that is poison bad for health but they still want it and never want to escape. This also makes me think of sweet poison, even we know it is bad and harmful but we never think about escape or stay away from this kind of things. I think I would also like to find out more about immoral things, just like violence, Depriving, treating. So I would like combine the concept of immoral and addition.


Today, I went to LCF library and find some research and look up the resources, such as magazines. I want to focus on the techniques of hairstyle and find more make up artists. I want to figure out some kind of hairstyle. 





We got a 1 day workshop to complete an outcome. It is aim for speed rather than perfection. So I went to the metal workshop and tried to make some props for make up. As my concept is inspired by opium pipes so I have figured out the pattern and the tattoo to do the metal pieces and apply as an eye piece prop.

 I have used aluminum and steel to finish my outcome. First, I used the machine to create the smokey cloud- like pattern on steel and aluminum. First, I found that the pattern on steel is hard to create as the density of steel is too high and hard. So the technician suggested me to use aluminum to do it because it is more softer and easy to create the marks and texture.

So I have put some hole on the aluminum piece to symbolize erode our body. I think it is a good idea as it can use semi- direct way to tell a story.