Collection: PROJECT ONE

Research File

Distortion - glitch art


As I have found an artist who did photography - Kerry Nourrice, I have noticed the glitch art is interesting as it has create an overlapping effect. What I think, glitch effect can bring a strong visual attraction and emphasis the layers. It makes me think about the routine and the overlapping layers with different colours. I think it challenged my expectations by the colour of each layers as sometimes it shows the colour different from red, green, blue. As you can see my final image, it contains green, purple and yellow. As the artist experiment how glitch effect do the distortion through lines and blocks to show different type of texture.The artist likes how the chunks of ruined and missing images create new layers and elements to the pictures and explore to see if it creates a successful distorted effect. 

I would like to apply a bit glitch effect on my final outcome as I want to put focus on the pose of me and the mono colour of the whole image. As the glitch effect help me enhance the visual effect of the image rather than be the focus.


I have found another artist which works on oil paint ,acrylic and indian ink on paper and canvas. I found that he used  black and white often on his works, which inspired me to use monochrome photo shooting on my final work. Another reason that I would like to use monochrome photography is black and white can represent myself as these two colours are my favourite colours and I think they are meaningful. I tried to apply similar composition on my final and tried how was the effect. I found a place contain stairs which looks like the artist's works.

Thomas Dausell always focus on the space changing and transformation which contain constantly moving in visual. He captures the relation between construction and demolition in a repeatedly interaction. What I think, Thomas has used different tone of black and white to create different layers and also create illusions. I think the illusion idea makes me think about combining the glitch effect with monochrome colors.I would like to do more experiment on the combination of the illusion and colours by photoshop and tried to discover which colours would be the best.